Leadership Team

Wildwood Church Stafford is led by a team of three Elders: Markus Weber, Graham Russell and Robin Millar.
On this page you can get to know a bit about each of them and their lovely wives!

  • Markus and Leah Weber

    Markus and Leah have been married since 2008 and have four children, Gideon, Hadassah, Talitha and Tirzah. They met in Markus’ home country of Germany where they both studied theology at university.

    In 2008 they started working for the church as youth pastors and did a lot of community based work. Markus was appointed as lead elder in 2014 and works full time for the church.

    When Leah isn’t looking after the children she gets involved in church life in a variety of administrative and creative tasks.

  • Graham and Jane Russell

    Graham is married to Jane and lives in Weeping Cross, Stafford. Having grown up in Birmingham he arrived in Stafford in 1977 to discover it is indeed, God’s promised land!

    After a brief period in Lancaster as a student, lighting engineer and tree surgeon, he returned to Stafford; working first for the county council and now for the government.

    Graham and Jane have two grown up children. When not being walked by their dogs, Mickey and Pete, Graham and Jane love to travel and have visited Kenya, Croatia, Liberia, Mongolia and more in the cause of better regulation.

    Jane leads a number of small groups in the church and helps older people stay “active in age”.

    Graham led the team of elders up until January 2014 when he passed the baton on to Markus. He loves to see people growing and maturing in their Christian life as the word and the Spirit get to work.

  • Robin and Helen Millar

    Robin and Helen have been involved with Wildwood Church for over thirty years, from its early beginnings meeting in a wooden hut and in homes.

    Both born in Scotland, they have two sons Gordon and Andrew both married to a Rebecca (not the same one!), and have nine grandchildren.

    Helen does most of the Church Treasurer’s work while Robin is the official Treasurer. Helen is a Life group Leader while Robin works with the team responsible for the Gateway Activities.


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